Sunday, January 17, 2010

On the 7th Day he rested

Well, it's Sunday morning, which in our family means church, and family time, Today after church, we are going to JoAnns so that I can see about some buttons for my jacket, and then we are going to come home and clean up the rest of the Christmas decorations. Then, maybe if there is time, I'll sew a pair of jeans for James. He's in bad need of them, as he's grown out of all his previous pairs. I picked up the denim a while ago, so that will be nice to get done.

I started working on a newborn diaper last night, and had the outer, and hidden layer cut, and two of the six snaps put on. Then Jake decided it was time for him to go to bed, and well, it's no fun being up late by yourself, so I called it a night.

On the agenda for tomorrow. . . go to the RE's office and see if I've ovulated, if so, we're going to try for baby J #3. We're also waiting to find out where the next possible PCS locations are, and that list should be e-mailed to Jake within the next two weeks. Then, at the end of February, we will find out where we are headed. I'm hopeful that it will be someplace nice. The last place I kind of liked, and miss at times, and Leavenworth has it's perks as well, so only time shall tell.


  1. What is his MOS? Maybe you will be near me and we can meet in person!!

  2. He's AG. Right now the wish list is Ft. Knox, and Ft. Jackson, but we haven't even got the list for the available jobs yet. Typcial hurry up and wait.