Saturday, October 30, 2010

All the excitement

Well, this last week is chulk full of excitement.  My congo is sponsoring the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt, as well as a facebook giveaway.  I have two custom orders I'm working on, an Arts and Crafts fair a week from tomorrow, and some new projects to work on that I plan to add to my line. 

Bitty Fluff will also be celebrating it's 2nd anniversary.  During the month, I will be a featured vendor at my store J-Babies.  Look for some adorable newborn sets and clothing.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And on to the next one

I just finished up an outfit yesterday for a little boy who's daddy will be home soon.  It was an ABU top and pants, with a tan dyed t-shirt for underneath, just like daddy.  It turned out great, and I got some photo's of it. . . but once again my motherboard seems to have flipped out, or else it is the memory this time.  Either way, I'll post pictures once the Dell tech comes and fixes my computer so that it will turn on.

In the meantime, I'm trying to think up what to make next.  I'm thinking I might try and get some bibs done, as I haven't done those in a while.  I have the extra fabric cut to make them, so I'll likely be doing a few of those, and maybe some newborn ACU covers.

Jake has been super busy lately (not just busy) so it has been just the boys and I, and then the down time that comes with that.  My birthday is also comming up, so Jake will be not so busy for that at least.  I'm thinking of making an ACU outfit to post on my Etsy store and have that as a regular item in the rotation.  Well, off to do some housework, and maybe some sewing work too.

Friday, October 15, 2010

What I've been up to.

The last couple of weeks I've been working on three projects.  The first one went in the mail last week.  It was a pair of NWU diapers with some adorable embroidery on them.  The second one, which is still in progress is a set of ABU's for a little boy who's daddy is headed home.  The third one is an NWU diaper cover.  I've also just cut out and am in the process of putting snaps on an ACU pocket diaper.  I'm doing one for a blog that is featuring WAHM's, and another for a customer.  I'm also playing around with some new dress patterns, and hope to get a chance to make some dresses and post pictures of those soon.
My mornings have been spent getting James ready for school.  After taking him to school, I've been going to mass at the church, since it is on the same property.  Then I come home and do some house hold chores before heading off to my craft room to get some projects done.  We have the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt in November, so I'll be sewing up some merchandise for that, as well a fall Fiesta that will be going on at James school.  So what do you think, do OBV pillow cases sound nice?

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's a slow road.

Well as recovery in any traumatic situation goes, there are set backs.  I've been sewing, taking care of the household, and the kids.  Then I got a bladder infection and the medication made me sick.  So, I spent a week feeling horrible, rather than getting any sewing done.  On the upside, I managed to get the house clean, and keep up with the kids, but wow it's been rough.  Jake is working a lot as his new job is very time demanding. 

This week I've managed to get two diaper covers mailed out, a dress cut, embroidered, rick rack added, and now I just have to sew it together, top stitch, and do the buttons/button holes.  After that comes an order for two embroidered NWU pocket diapers, and then an NWU diaper cover with name tape sewn on it.  I have a new pattern that I'd like to play with soon, as well as some newborn embroidered shirts/matching diaper covers that I plan on making for the next Bitty Fluff stocking.  I'm lacking pictures to post right now because my computer isn't working, so I'm using Jake's.  I'm hoping to get it fixed soon, and then I have quite a lot of pictures to post of recent work.  Stay tuned to see what new projects I'm working on.