Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's a slow road.

Well as recovery in any traumatic situation goes, there are set backs.  I've been sewing, taking care of the household, and the kids.  Then I got a bladder infection and the medication made me sick.  So, I spent a week feeling horrible, rather than getting any sewing done.  On the upside, I managed to get the house clean, and keep up with the kids, but wow it's been rough.  Jake is working a lot as his new job is very time demanding. 

This week I've managed to get two diaper covers mailed out, a dress cut, embroidered, rick rack added, and now I just have to sew it together, top stitch, and do the buttons/button holes.  After that comes an order for two embroidered NWU pocket diapers, and then an NWU diaper cover with name tape sewn on it.  I have a new pattern that I'd like to play with soon, as well as some newborn embroidered shirts/matching diaper covers that I plan on making for the next Bitty Fluff stocking.  I'm lacking pictures to post right now because my computer isn't working, so I'm using Jake's.  I'm hoping to get it fixed soon, and then I have quite a lot of pictures to post of recent work.  Stay tuned to see what new projects I'm working on.

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