Monday, August 30, 2010

In honor of Julia, and getting back in the groove.

In the weeks before Julia died, I had been working on a custom dress for a customer, and a dress and diaper cover for Julia.  The plan was to have Julia come home in complete HOOAH with an ACU dress, diaper cover, soft soled shoes, and headband.  I had finished the dress and diaper cover, but had begun feeling rather tired the night Julia died, so I hadn't begun the headband or shoes yet.  I don't like leaving things unfinished, so I've been working gradually on the rest of her outfit and finally finished it. 

What gave me the kick in the pants to get started though, was an order that came in for a newborn dress, diaper cover, and big girl dress. Those items got me back at my sewing machine, and working again, and also gave me the needed momentum to finish Julias outfit. Sewing has been a relief to me, and I'm starting to get my creative juices flowing. Below you will see some of the items I have made in the past month or so.

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