Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And on to the next one

I just finished up an outfit yesterday for a little boy who's daddy will be home soon.  It was an ABU top and pants, with a tan dyed t-shirt for underneath, just like daddy.  It turned out great, and I got some photo's of it. . . but once again my motherboard seems to have flipped out, or else it is the memory this time.  Either way, I'll post pictures once the Dell tech comes and fixes my computer so that it will turn on.

In the meantime, I'm trying to think up what to make next.  I'm thinking I might try and get some bibs done, as I haven't done those in a while.  I have the extra fabric cut to make them, so I'll likely be doing a few of those, and maybe some newborn ACU covers.

Jake has been super busy lately (not just busy) so it has been just the boys and I, and then the down time that comes with that.  My birthday is also comming up, so Jake will be not so busy for that at least.  I'm thinking of making an ACU outfit to post on my Etsy store and have that as a regular item in the rotation.  Well, off to do some housework, and maybe some sewing work too.

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