Friday, November 19, 2010

Handmade for the Holidays

About two Christmas' ago, a challenge came up on a forum I belong to.  The idea was to make a handmade Christmas.  I really liked the idea, so that year the majority of presents were hand made.  Last year I did it again, with embroidered shirts for nephews and a 2nd cousin.  I did bamboo velour pillow cases for my sister and brother in law, as well as hand made items for my other sister in law (had my husband handle the gift for my brother in laws in that case), and did handmade for my father in law, and mother in law.

This year I will once again be continuing the tradition.  I'm making items for the kitchen for all three sisters in law, and will either be making crayon rolls for my newphews, or doing a trade with a friend for treasure hunt bags. 

Typcially gifts are given in Chico bags, but with Julia passing, I lost track of the coops I would have ordered from, so this year, I will be making muslin bags as the gift wrap.  I know I love my muslin bags for grocery shopping when I get meat products, because I can wash them in hot water afterward to get rid of any contamination. 

Jake will be getting a home made snuggie with Cincinnati Bengals fleece.  He requested it last year, but I didn't have access until now.  I'll likely be sewing it at my mother-in-laws house though, as I'm not sure I'll find the fleece for it here.

For the boys, I'm thinking bed sheets and pajamas, as that is what James has been asking for, and Justin hasn't made any requests just yet.

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