Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Catching up.

Things have been very busy lately.  I have been working on several custom orders (and still have a few to go) while trying to take it easy with this pregnancy, and still keep after two little boys.  We have a moving date set. . .but no house yet.  My mom is coming in to town on May 11th though, and that should help out quite a bit having an extra pair of hands.  I finished a dress and bloomers set last week, as well as a diaper cover, and this week will be finishing up a second dress and bloomer set, and moving on to a pair of shorts and a matching shirt. 

I am setting up my waiting list for customs, so that when I finish with my move, I can start back up again.  I plan to take a month or so off before the baby is born, doing orders at leisure, and mostly preparing  for the baby.  I will be setting up a running tab on here of the waiting list, of people, what they ordered, and approximate start date.  Check back for updates.

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