Thursday, September 3, 2009

New Diaper Cover and a Diaper Contest

This week I have a diaper cover to show off. It is trimmed in celery foe, and I think is quite nice. The foe is very complimentary, both to the PUL, and to the ACU pattern (see picture to the left).

Also, this week I'm starting a contest that I'm going to try to do once a month. The contest if for a FREE diaper. What's the catch? Well you have to have a blog with at least 50 followers and blog out the diaper and cloth diapering in general. What brought this on you might ask? Well, before summer started, I was made away that some disposable diaper companies are sending out samples to moms to blog about them and how great they are (getting nervous about the cloth competition are they?) so I figured I would counter their plan with one of my own. People will e-mail me with a link to their blog, I'll check how many followers they have, and then take down their name for a random drawing. They only have to pay for shipping, and then blog about the wonders of cloth diapering, and this particular diaper.

So, you up for a contest?

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