Friday, August 28, 2009

ACU Mei Tai and Newborn Romper

I've been working on some new projects over the past few months, and as promised, here are some pictures. The diaper on the left can be found exclusively at the Ft. Campbell Legacies museum gift shop. They also have bibs available that go with the diaper. The covers are a size medium, but smaller and larger sizes can be ordered through the museum as well.

The next pictures is a newborn ACU romper. I have a simliar one listed in my store on Bitty Fluff. I will making the matching newborn dress soon, and will post pictures of that as well. Nothing like a little newborn goodness.

I'm also working on some bibs and keychain wristlets, as well as a onesize all-in-two, and pocket diaper. Check back for more photos.


  1. I love the mei tai! I've been wanting one in ACU, too, but would need one with super padded straps in the upper shoulder area.

  2. The one in the picture has padded shoulders straps and padded waist straps, but adding more padding wouldn't be a problem.

  3. i need a newborn acu jumper and the dress thats on bitty fluff i will make the order soon i am having twins a boy and a girl soon and my husband is in the army and wants them dressed like that had a hard time finding something cute for newborns lol but i will check back soon to see if i can order them both or by phone

  4. They can either be ordered on Bitty Fluff, Creative Mamas, or my Etsy store. Bitty Fluff has a rotation that a listing can be up for one month, but has to be down for two months before it can be relisted. If they don't happen to be up on BF when you want to buy them, you can find them in the other two stores, as well.